We have trails to suit all abilities

Mallorca is known for it extensive road riding with prolific climbs, but people overlook the concealed trail systems and singletracks established within the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. With trails to suit all levels of riders, the trail systems are some of the best in Europe with a diverse tarriain type all over the island. Loose hardpack, shale, slab rock to pine forest areas Mallorca has it all. Spend a week riding different areas of the island every day, and the best thing the trails are empty meaning no cues

Beginner Trails

Our beginner trails visit some of the most picturesque views with rides thought charming villages, stunning waterfalls and quaint coves; they are a great stepping stone to asses and develop your riding skills allowing you to progress with confidence to the intermediate trails

  • This is a fun flowy trail that is located around the Bellver Castle. This trail is perfect to build you confidence on the Spanish terrain

  • Great way to start off the morning with a fast open trail heading down towards Palma city. With an cross country feel, this ride has fantastic views of the coastline and a great way to build up confidence on the bike and terrain

  • This is an area based just outside Magaluf which is ideal for all levels and were we evaluate riders ability and develop a program for the following days. Consisting of flowy single tracks with sweeping decents hugging the rugged coastline and for the brave hearted a 1.5km tunnel ride connecting the old military gun emplacements

  • The term we us for this trail is ‘Mini Me’ this is smaller than a fire road but slightly bigger than a single track. This trail sweeps and descends 2.5k threw the forest, fast and flowy with lots of options the practice that cornering technic once at the bottom we jump in the Van and back up again we go. The beauty of this trail is that it runs next to the Troy Me trail so it gives a great progression on to a more demanding environment if you fancy it

  • What goes up must come down, this trail runs both ways hence the name. Based up in the mountains above Bunyola its great single track descending 1.5km through the old forest with varying contours and stunning views high above Mallorca

Intermediate Trails

Our intermediate trails allow you to home your skill riding on some of the best single track tails on the island of Mallorca, including flow sections, rock gardens, switchback creating an enjoyable environment for all levels of rides

  • With 7 descents in one area you’ll be able to progress your riding, with coaching sections to help you get the most out of the area, you’ll be a master of drops and berms by the end of the day. We guarantee it!

  • Consisting of two trails these intertwine, smooth fast and flowy with progressively more demanding drops offs and jumps this trail has it all.The perfect enduro trail with 2.5km. descending with the van at the bottom to run you straight back up again.

  • After taking the van upto over 600 meters above the town of Esplores .We disembark and hit the trail which is as smooth as butter with switchback after switchback dropping down through a pine forest all the way to the coast. Then a small 150 meter climb which hugs the coast line back to Banylbufar for  drinks on a roof terrace and a well deserved rest

  • Located in Bunloya, this is a fast ‘Mini Me’ decent dropping down through a dark forest this trail has everything rocks, berms and great features to drop and jump and hip then we dropping through the hobbit village and hitting a loose single track to blast back to the van. We do this trail twice in the morning as its so good and it will have you whooping like your a teenager again

  • Mallorca is know for its rockiness terrain, this trail is no different, with steep rock gardens and challenging switchbacks you are sure to have a big smile at the bottom. We start from the top of Bunloya heading 10km and 700 meters down to the town Santa Maria on some of the best singletrack Mallorca has to offer

  • If theres one trail that has a lot to offer ‘Fully Monty’ is that trail. Starting 20 minutes from Palma we uplift you to a hight of 700 meters, not for the faint hearted we have a 20 minutes techy climb up to a hight of 800m then the fun starts. The decent combines all terrain types on Mallorca, starting with a fast forest section, then dropping further down the trail  it gets more and more rocky with some demanding switchbacks and finally to top it all off the trails introduces some drop offs. With 10km and 800m of descending along shear cliff faces this is not a trail you will forget about

Advanced Trails

The advance trails are more technically challenging allowing you to use the natural features to test your skills and riding capability

  • This is one to test your skills on, with bedrock sections and loose surface the Na Burguesa Decent is a challenging yet enjoyable descent. Starting 15 minutes away from Palma we take a stunning ridge line trail all the way to the hills above Palmanova. We drop 5km and 500 meters to a small beach cove. Expect gnarly rock gardens with different line choices, fast flowy fun sections towards the bottom and some of the beast sea views on the Mallorca coast line

  • With rock faces like Utah you’ll be sure to enjoy riding this 600 meter rocky decent. Whilst riding next to a waterfall system, riding doesn’t get much better than this. We take your riding to the very max, for expert riders with good skills and an eye for line choices

  • Straight of the world enduro series this ride is straight down with as many rocks as you can handle. Tight technical switch backs with long technical rock gardens surrounded by stunning views this ride will push you technical and physical ability to the max

  • 3km of non stop rock gardens, a true test of endurance for both rider and bike. With multiple line choices, technical switchback and long pounding straights this trail will have your arms and legs pumped at the bottom

The Areas We Ride


This area located in the south-western corner of the Sierra De Tramontana. In the southern part of this area there are a number of valleys which are mostly densely populated areas. The northern part of the municipality is mountainous and rugged, with a rocky trail system that’s popular for walkers. The highest point is at 927 metes above sea level

The trails in this area are a mixture for loose shale and rocky sections, with all rides ending on the coast line you will always have a spectacular view of the Mallorca cliff faces and picturesque coastal villages, there will be plenty of photo opportunities in this area. With trailpark Pegurea and the Sierra de Biniorella located within this region you are not short of great rides to challenge and progress your riding.


With the largest riding possibilities Esporles is located only 25 minutes out side of Palma, western side of Mallorca. With small valley villages surrounded by high mountain peaks, these mountains are cover in pine and evergreen oak woodland areas. This area was one of the first to be inhabited on the island; this is clearly visible through the amount of talaiots that can be found in the area

With the highest point in this are being at 1025 meters, the Puig de Galatzo, there is a lot of opportunity for descending. Cami De Galatzo trail, is one of our best trails in this area, passing the Puig de Galatzo peak and 5 km of none stop downhill single track this trail is a mixture of all riding condition you’ll face on the island


Occupying the largest area of the Sierra De Tramontana mountain range this area in mainly know for its aggressive downhill and shear cliff faces. Located 25 minutes out side of Palma this area is popular area by walkers and trail runners during the summer months; tourists flood to Soller to take in its amazing landscape and cultural experiences. With the salt des Freu waterfalls and the highest point on the island the Puig Major, you can easily see why so many people visit Orient area

The trails are a mix of pine forest and rocky descents. With perfect coaching areas and stunning view we will sure to visit this area on your weeks holiday. Lunch stops will comprise of local Spanish restaurants located in the depths of Sierra De Tramontana valleys


Pollenca is located in the northern part of Mallorca. It is about 35 minutes away from Palma, this area has a rich culture with quaint little villages to some of the best road riding on the island. Pollenca is the most well known area for road riding, however the mountain biking trails hidden in this area are still yet to be well used

You like fast flowy descents, this is your area. With mostly all trails being loose shale, you’ll have no problem finding these trails enjoyable, without being too challenging. Pollenca DH and the Minion ride are located in this area so you can see why we get exited to ride here. For the races, every year Pollenca holds an urban race which hundreds of riders from around the world attends; with a mixture of drops and steps you can understand why its so popular

Palma to Palmanova

Located in the area of the accommodation the furthest point is only 15 minutes away, the highest point is only 475 meters above sea level, but don’t be disheartened by that. The trails are not to be sniffed at making full advantage of every meter on offer. With all trails leading to the coastline there are plenty of opportunities to dip your toes in to the Mediterranean sea. Sample some of the finest Mediterranean food in some of the best coves in Europe

Ride on loose shale, rock gardens and bermed corners this area has it all. With our first trail that started Mallorca Mountian Biking in this area, the ‘el comienzo’, we have developed this area to be our favourite. With views of Palma and the coast line towns on all descents, you’ll be enjoying the local built tails even more. This area is the fastest developing riding area with the introduction of new bike shops opening up only 10 minute ride from the accommodation