Why We Coach

At Mallorca Mountain Biking we believe that everyone can learn something new and we can get anyone to ride a bike. With all our coaches working in the industry for many years we have created a structured progressional teaching platform that will benefit total beginners up to advanced techniques. We individually assess each rider and choose the appropriate terrain to develop their skills whilst logging the progression on our system with video feedback analysis.

All our coaching is optional and we do not charge, our aim is to be able to take you to as many places as possible, giving you the tools to feel and ride safe.

We also provide a basic trail maintenance workshop and bike setup throughout the week all complimentary

The different levels of coaching

Entry level

As an entry level rider we work on braking methods and develop a good body position. Also we help you to understand the principles of riding and how the new generation of bikes are developed showing you how to get the most out of your bike. Confidence building is our key goal at this stage


Intermediate level

Principally developing more advanced braking methods, body posture, weight displacement and cornering techniques. Whilst focusing on trail perspective and line choice to gain a greater understanding of your bikes suspension setup and geometry


Advanced Riders

Is more based on individual improvement to develop specific areas of their riding for example switchbacks, drops and jumps. We do this by taking you into a safe controllable environment, teaching you each step of the technique with a progressively increasing level